Monday, March 30, 2009

Sneaky Actors

Perhaps it is a sign that I watch too much Star Trek, but something that really drives me crazy is when they try to sneak actors from one show onto another. Do they think we won't notice? I wouldn't mind if they just wrote it into the story line, but no! They change their species and make them play totally different characters! Throughout the whole episode I am distracted by their presence and, quite frankly, insulted that they thought I wouldn't notice. One actor in particular, Tim Russ, has played a human mercenary on TNG, a klingon on DS9, a human on Enterprise (the movie), and, as a vulcan, is a main character on Voyager. And they just act like it is business as usual! Aron Eisenburg is the same. His voice is so recognizable that it is really disturbing to hear someone I am familiar with as a recurring Ferengi character on DS9 playing a Kazon warrior on Voyager! It's sneaky, distracting, and quite inappropriate! I may just write someone and give them a peice of my mind!


  1. i think they expect you to not watch everything. i personally love ds9, but don't really care for voyager and enterprise. but what bugs me is when i see someone from star trek in a "real" show. i saw a lifetime or hallmark movie that had quark in it. it was a little disturbing. he looks weird without his makeup *smile*

  2. it also bugged me when dr. bashir changed his name from something arabic-looking to something english-sounding halfway through the run of ds9. but i guess they don't expect you to watch the credits too closely. *smile*

    did you know that aron eisenberg is 40? i thought he was a kid when he played nog, but he only had one functioning kidney and that stunted his growth.

  3. I love them all, but TNG is my favorite - and Voyager for Janeway. I guess I avoid seeing the actors in other shows because I really only watch Star Trek (and now Chuck). I had heard about Aron a few years ago. It was a show about the makeup. They had to use an adult because the Ferengi makeup takes too long to apply to make a kid sit through it. OK, I believe we know way more than we should about Star Trek. A friend called me a Trekkie the other day. I denied it and said that Trekkie's go to conferences and dress as the characters. I guess we haven't yet met that distinction.

  4. i guess i am a trekkie, cuz i was tempted to do a set of klingon war songs on my masters recital at cmu *smile*

    i don't like tng as much cuz deana troi annoys me *smile*

  5. OK, I just read a post on a quilting message board from someone who is definitely a kindred spirit. She named her sewing machine Jean Luke - though she spells it wrong, it is named after Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek TNG! And her car is named The Enterprise!



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