Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sneaky Cats

As I recently said, I am redecorating Michele's room while she is away. One new additon is a 'tween couch. This consists of several 8" thick floor cushions and 4" thick back cushions. So, Monday I was in the middle of a cushion and I decided to stop for the night. I went downstairs to get a snack and when I went back to my craftroom to shut off the lights, I found Myah had claimed one of the cushions as her own.
Tonight, I decided to get back to the cushions. After a few minutes, I realized that I forgot my water downstairs. When I returned, I found that Pollux thought Myah had looked awfully comfortable on Monday, so she decided to try the cushion out.

Myah, not wanting to be outdone, decided to scale the highest heights and rest upon Mount Cushion. That's nearly 2 feet of cushions there!! I guess our cats are just as crazy as I am! Well, I don't know when I will get these finished, but, rest assured, they will be well-used by the time Michele gets home!!

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