Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jicama and Adventuring

As I've mentioned, I am working with a health coach. As part of the nutrition segment of my program, I am trying to increase the variety of fruits and vegetables that I eat. My coach suggested that I try jicama this week. So, I bought the strange looking vegetable and decided to try it today. My coach says she eats it raw, like carrot sticks, or in salads. I decided to try it in sticks and was quite astonished by its taste. Very juicy and crisp and not at all appealing! But I am made of stern stuff and have decided that tomorrow I will thinly slice a few of the sticks I cut and have it in a salad. I also read that it can be cooked like a potato, so, if I don't like it in a salad, I will bake a few pieces and try it that way. If I still don't like it, well that will be that! I'm not one to beat myself over the head with a funny tasting vegetable!

In addition to the jicama, I had another adventure today. My friend, Bridget, and I decided to take a little walk after our regular after-church lunch. We tried following a nature trail beside the restaurant and got a little turned around. We decided to leave the woods and walk back to our cars along a residential street. Two and a half hours later we finally made it back to our cars! I must say that at no time were we lost. We were always aware of where we were, we just didn't seem to turn the right directions to get to where we wanted to be. Regardless, we had a wonderful walk and got some very good exercise. Since one of my other goals for the week is to exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, I think I will be able to honestly tell my coach that I have exceeded my goals - I just did it all in one day!

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