Monday, March 9, 2009

Sleeping for Two

I thought that with Michele gone I would have a hard time sleeping. Instead, I am sleeping way too much. Michele and I keep joking that I am sleeping for two - I'm sleeping extra to make up for the hours she doesn't get to sleep. Daylight Saving Time has not helped. Now I stay up even later and try to sleep in even later. I am not saving daylight - I'm wasting it by sleeping through it! I don't think I sleep as much when I have a project. Now that I am done with Michele's room, I need to get started on something else so that I can save myself from a sleep overdose. I believe I will work on the bathroom floor. It's always fun to learn how to do something new on one's own house. I mean, what's the worse that can happen, right?


  1. Another project? Here's a thought--Master's Thesis. WWRD? WWRS? What would Rose say or do? With all this free time, it could be done by the time Michele comes home for good... What a thought. Who said that?

  2. Okay, okay, I hear you! I will start working on my thesis again. I will make a plan to make a goal to start working on my thesis again. I will make a plan to make that plan to . . .

  3. Seems like I've heard that before. However, I thought of something last night. With the economy the way it is, wouldn't your original thesis be more acceptable if you sold it on the basis of saving money in addition to being a more effective way to teach... Hmmmmm????

  4. Chelle getting her thesis done before I gget home is a great idea. But it took her like 6 or 7 some years to complete her Bachelors and the only reason I think she did it is because she really wanted to go to grad school. So if I know her at all she will probably work really hard to get her thesis done when she comes up with something really cool for her PHD. But I have no clue what will motivate her to get her Dissertacion completeted?



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