Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Cat's Away

I just saw Michele off at the bus station for her 12 hour ride to Indiana. Boy, was that hard! I can't stop thinking about her and hoping that she is safe. I know that God has got her and us and that all will be well. Safe travels, Chele.

leaving home

Hi This is little Michele. I am leaving home today for my big trip on the road. Chelle will be home alone for a few weeks, I know that you have lots to do and people to see, and will miss me so much and I know that I will miss you too, but we both will be on our own little journeys and venturing in to a new phase of our relationship. Sometimes leaping into the unknown can be so excitingand we are geminis so we need to switch it up a little. I love you babe! Have lots and lots of fun at home.


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