Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dreams of Paris

The view from my living room window
Courtesy of World City Photos
Last night I had another odd dream. I actually have odd dreams nightly, but some stand out for their oddity. This dream wasn't about the baby, but I was pregnant in it. I dreamt that Michele - who is driving for Wegman's, our local grocery store, which has stores throughout NY and in PA, VA, MA, and some other places I can't recall - well, Wegman's decided to open operations in France, headquartered in Paris. Michele was asked to transfer there temporarily and we decided to go for it.

Now, I spent my junior high and high school years in Europe and have been to Paris and didn't really like it, so I don't know why it was the focus of my dream, but in the dream I LOVED it there! We had this gorgeous apartment right next to the Eiffel Tower - I mean REALLY close! I could reach my arm out the window and touch the Tower - that close.

Anyhow, the main part of the dream was that we made the decision to transfer and moved but forgot to tell my parents. We'd been in Paris for two weeks and still hadn't let them know, so I finally called my dad. Not surprisingly, he was pretty mad! Steamed is more like it! Then I woke up.

One other interesting thing is that when we left, we filled up the cats' food and water bowls, but didn't ask anyone to come and refill them. That's fine for a weekend, but we were going to be away for six months at least! My hope is that I'm a better mother to this baby in real life than I am to my cats in my dreams!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams

My dreams have been so wild lately! Over the weekend I dreamed that my work team went on a field trip and while on the bus in the middle of nowhere, one of my coworkers (who had a baby several weeks ago) went into labor. Since I'd been reading up on childbirth, I graciously offered to deliver her baby for her. And I did a bang up job of it, if I do say so myself!

Last night, I dreamt that my allegies were acting up and I let out a huge sneeze and the baby flew out of my mouth! I freaked and caught her/him in my hands and panicked because I couldn't think of a way to put the baby back where babies belong! I woke up in a panic and calmed myself down with the realization that:
1. My baby is safely in my uterus.
2. My uterus is not connected to my stomach or lungs.
3. Since there is no tube running between my uterus and stomach or lungs, it would be impossible to sneeze out the baby.

I seriously had to do the science on it before I could rest. Oh how I hope for peaceful sleep tonight!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hosting a Tiny Human

It's been so long and life has been speeding by! Life for the most part is par for the course here in Michelleville - well except that I've taken on a passenger (or two) recently. I'm hosting a tiny human for the next few months - tee hee. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and so excited about this journey to mommyhood! I went through a rough patch with six weeks of sickness, but am now on the other side and feel like life is grand. Michele's been such a support and comfort during the weeks of sickness, she's just going to be the very best mom!!

Our little tiny human decided last night that s/he would like a blog, too, so if you'd like to follow our journey from the baby's point of view, definitely check it out:

Here's to the joys of parenthood!! Yippee!!


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