Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hosting a Tiny Human

It's been so long and life has been speeding by! Life for the most part is par for the course here in Michelleville - well except that I've taken on a passenger (or two) recently. I'm hosting a tiny human for the next few months - tee hee. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and so excited about this journey to mommyhood! I went through a rough patch with six weeks of sickness, but am now on the other side and feel like life is grand. Michele's been such a support and comfort during the weeks of sickness, she's just going to be the very best mom!!

Our little tiny human decided last night that s/he would like a blog, too, so if you'd like to follow our journey from the baby's point of view, definitely check it out: http://zordansworld.blogspot.com/

Here's to the joys of parenthood!! Yippee!!


  1. Hi!! I am so happy for you!! Mum and mum!! I have a very good friend, and have followed her and her partener their way to be mums!! They have little Iben, soon 3 and little Isak, 7 month. They are the cutest family.... Iben calls mammaK and mammaT. Their first letter in their name. Here in Norway, most have to go to Kopenhagen in Denmark. A very popular clinic called STORKEN. Called after the bird that comes with babyes.........Take care, I love to follow this!! The best Anne:-)

  2. WOW... congratulations! What a wonderful thing!

  3. Oh congratulations to you both.

  4. Oh Wow!!!! Congrats, Michelle! I'm so happy for you and Michele.

    This is quite a coincidence, but I'm actually expecting too! I'm due around Thanksgiving, so a little bit further along, but I'm so happy that we'll be going on this journey together!

    Take care and hoping for a nice & smooth second trimester ahead.

  5. OhOHOHOH!!!!! Congrats!!!!! A million times over. I won't say what you are in for...that's for all new parents to discover. It is a wonderful, heart-wrenching, joy-filled, aggravating, terrifying journey. Keep us up to date!

  6. Thanks so much, everyone! We're so excited and I promise to keep you up-to-date through my blog (and the baby's blog as well!)



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