Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Color Test

I took a very cool color personality test and I think the answers are pretty spot on. It's fascinating to think that the colors I like say something about me (well, something more than "Hey, she's a bright, cheerful lady!)

My color choices say:
I am 63 % extrovert and 37 % introvert.

Independently of any order of importance :

  • I am dynamic, my actions are only directed by my own will and I know how to lead people.
  • I am also a leader, I know how to organize the groups of persons and give them my energy.
  • I am attentive and cautious, I take into account the needs of others before setting up the defined goals.
  • I am dynamic and active, I am determined in my actions, I know how to communicate my ideals and your energy, and thus, I know how to boost people.


  1. I knew that my results would be completely opposite of yours: I'm 47% extrovert and 53% introvert :)

  2. You are right, what was I thinking.
    Great job and a good theme. And thanks for the mention.
    Thanks for the kind words and the plug. Much appreciated



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