Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fifteen Weeks and Feelin' Fine!

15 weeks in my
Dr. Suessian tank
I've been feeling very good the past couple of weeks. I think I mentioned that my first trimester was a nightmare of sickness and fatigue, but I am finally over that - yay!! I'm getting my energy back and, as my friend Sono promised, my wierd dreams have settled down. Over the past few weeks, I've only had a few and all have centered around type of tiny human we may be having. So far I've dreamt that I've birthed:

  • Twins - a perfectly normal boy and girl
  • Identical twin girls + a boy
  • A baby boy and the puppy he brought along from heaven - the baby could speak at birth and I asked him about the puppy. He said, "Well, I knew I'd want a puppy eventually, so I decided to save time." I said, "You couldn't have brought along a baby sister instead?" He said, "Yuck, girls are gross!"
  • A litter of kittens.
  • Twins - a boy with the plastic, muscled body of an action figure, who was really hard to diaper, and a perfect baby girl who was only 3 inches big, but was a really good nurser.
  • A solo baby (not sure if boy or girl) who Michele and I kept putting in a crib on the curb and forgetting that we are parents. We'd remember and rush out and then put the baby back in the crib and go inside.
I really hope none of my dreams come true - except maybe number 1 - that one I could handle, but the others, oy vey! I'd lovingly take the baby part of the last one too, but I'll depend on all of you to remind me that it's not a great plan to put the crib outside on the curb, just in case by then my brain is even more adled.


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