Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blissfully Busy

Oh my how busy it's been, but wonderfully so! I'm really loving this time right now as we get ready to welcome our little baby. Everything feels so exciting and new and fresh. Well, most everything. Even dark clouds, like my Aunt's death and my company being sold to our #1 competition (we just found out last Friday), can't really dim our joy and excitement. Aunt Jan is definitely in a better place making mischeif and dancing, and, since there's nothing I can do about the uncertainty at work, I've decided to just focus on all the great and wonderful things happening around me! And to that end, here are a few pictures of the fun we've had over the past few weeks.

Michele and I at our first childbirth class. We decided to
do three different classes: This one, a yoga-based labor positions class,
a hypnobirthing class, and a traditional, natural childbirth class.
We want the FULL experience!!
We got new outfits for the class!
Here's Michele, proudly sporting hers!
The baby's room: painted "pencil" yellow, prepped and ready
for flooring!
New windows, pretty walls, and soft, foamy, play-friendly floors
 - baby's room re-model DONE!
Oh, it's just waiting for a sweet little bundle of joy!
Thank you, Daddy and Gloria, for the gift of the crib and
changing table and the extra special gift of a visit to put it all
together with us!
A family photo shoot!! My dear friend and coworker, Diana,
took these and many more wonderful shots of Michele, Me and
our baby! I can't wait til the next photo shoot when little Zordan
will be giggling in our arms!


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