Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Hang of It

I have finally got the hang of this chore thing. I came home from work today and took care of the trash, recycling, and litter boxes in ten minutes flat! AND I find that I only need to do it every other week - I am just not creating enough trash or recycling to do it every week. On non-trash weeks I often forget to do the litter boxes, but the cats lovingly remind me. I have finally mastered the chores!! YIPPEE!!

Of course, I have to admit that the only chores I do regularly are the trash, recycling, and litter boxes. I do take care of the dishes when they need it - same with the laundry. And I clean my craft room after every project. I need to work on the rest of the house. I try not to use any rooms that I may potentially then have to clean. That doesn't really work though. I can't keep running to our neighbors to use the bathroom, just so that I don't dirty ours!

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