Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Star Trekkers Anonymous

Me, at a Star Trekkers Anonymous Meeting:
Hello my name is Michelle and it has been four days since my last episode. I'm feeling a little shaky and am afraid I might hurt someone.

Seriously, though, Netflix messed up and sent me Enterprise, which I will not be ready for for quite some time. I'm really jonesing for a fix. I may have to hit up my friend Tina to borrow a couple of her DS9 DVDs. I don't think I will last the time that it will take for the DVDs to get back to Netflix and for them to send me the right ones. I really do not understand how this happened. Enterprise was WAY at the bottom of my queue. I'm glad I don't know where Netflix is located. I cannot be responsible for my actions, but I can't believe a jury in this land would convict me once they understood the circumstances. I mean really, Enterprise? Come on!

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