Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Michele has gotten me addicted to a new TV show. While she was on her first trainer's truck, Chuck, her trainer, ot her hooked on Chuck, the show. So, Michele called me and told me all about it and advised me to order the first season on Netflix. I resisted, of course! How could I dilute the time I spend on my Star Trek family with this no-account upstart? But, she insisted, and, to make her happy, I gave in. Big mistake!! I love the show!! So, from now on, I am juggling my time and my Netflix orders between Star Trek DS9, Voyager, and Chuck. I think it helps me to be a more well-rounded individual to have such diverse interests: a motley crew of military officers and "terrorists" 70,000 light years from home (Voyager), a stalwart group of officers and civilians on a space station caught between a Cardassian rock and a Dominion hard place (DS9), and finally a human computer CIA/NSA asset who works at the TV equivalent of BestBuy. It's good to be well-rounded and firmly grounded in reality, right?

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