Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Little Color

I have completed Michele's room redo. It's so cute that every time I look in I smile. I'll walk you through the whole project start to finish.

Michele's room began pretty much a blank slate. Pretty bright blue color on the walls, pretty orange curtains made out of basketball jersey fabric, and a beautiful, and large, poster of an orange flower in an orange frame. Other than that, very dull and colorless.

As you know, I started with a seating area. The cats were ever so helpful to me as I made the cushions that made up Michele's Tween Couch.
I swear, the heights they go to be "helpful" is mind-boggling! That's thirty-two inches of cushion. I couldn't believe it when I found her there this morning.

So, as soon as the cats and I were done with the cushions, I turned my attention to the floor. Michele's room has the same hardwood floor as the rest of the house. It is lovely, but oh, so hard on the knees when we do yoga. So, I sought a softening solution and found it in high density foam floor tiles. They also gave me the opportunity to add a little more color to the room.

All that was left was to add her little seating area.

And, voila! Her room is transformed. I even made a little table to fit the couch.

So, as you can see, I am a firm believer that a little color goes a long way. . . and A LOT of color goes even farther!! I love her room so much it quickly became my favorite on in the house!
I am so very pleased with how it turned out and I know Michele will love it, too. Though, when I first met Michele, she was a lover of bare white walls and dull brown furniture. She quickly became a lover of color (ok, not quickly she quickly became a tolerator of color as a defense mechanism to my decorating. Her love of color happened gradually over time, but happen, it did!)
I think I am done with my projects for her room. Though I may paint her some pictures to bring a little more color to her walls. Maybe a quilted wall hanging, too. Ooo, and a couple of lap quilts for chilly nights. Ha ha ha!!


  1. Baby I love it!! you rock, my room rocks. I love the table and extra pillows that you made. Thank you thank you thank you. I love lots and lots and lots and whole bunches.

  2. It's great!!! Color is one of those things that's hard to do too much of :)

  3. Michelle - I love it! Color, color, color, and comfort, too! (as the cats will attest).



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