Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Oven

I was cleaning the kitchen tonight and noticed that the oven door handle was loose. It's probably been loose for years, but I got it in my head to tighten it tonight. I figured "How hard could it be, right?"
This picture is of my oven. Those things leaning against and in front of the cabinets to the right are the pieces of my oven door that just happened to come off and apart when I tried to tighten the handle. I did end up getting the handle tightened, but I can't quite figure out how to get the door back together and back on the oven. I know I should keep working on it, but it's almost 11 and I'm tired. I can't just leave it off, though for two reasons: 1. The oven light is on and that would be a big waste of electricity. 2. Even though I am sure I can rig the light to go off, the cats will imagine this is a new space for their use and likely drag one of Michele's new cushions into the oven to make a new napping spot. The part that is the most frustrating is that I didn't even need to take the door off to get to the screws to tighten the handle. The top part of the door lifts off - easy access to the screws!! I just hate it when things that I think will be easy end up being hard and then turn out really easy!!


  1. only you, Michelle! i didn't even know that oven doors could do that *smile*. could you imagine what christopher would say if he came home and found our oven door like that? *smile*

  2. whoops - ack! Hope you got it back on ;)



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