Monday, March 16, 2009

A Trying Day

Today I tried to donate blood. I haven't donated in several years due to low iron, but I decided to try today. Well, there are new rules and because I lived in Germany in the 80's and 90's I can no longer donate due to Mad Cow disease. I was so disappointed - even though I hate giving blood.

I also tried to attend a class on getting organized to create more time in the day, but work was so crazy that I didn't get to leave until after 7, so I missed my class. I thought it was rather ironic that I couldn't make the time to attend a class on making time for myself! Ha ha!!

Additionally, I tried to eat more jicama, but just couldn't convince myself to do it. Ick!!

All in all, it was a rather trying day - I "tried" to do a lot of things and ended up not doing much at all.


  1. I love jicama LOL! Especially with some lemon juice on it.

    too funny re the class!

  2. isn't it sad that we can't donate blood becuz we lived in germany, but we didn't eat beef (at least i didn't). wouldn't it be nice if they could just test you for whatever and then you could donate cuz you'd know you're clean? *smile*

  3. I KNOW! I actually asked if they could just test me for Mad Cow or test my blood, but they said a test doesn't exist to test a living person - they can't test until you die!!

  4. but once you're dead, what does it matter if you have mad cow disease? *smile*

  5. That's what I said. They said that is the only way they know for sure what the dead person died of. It's all convoluted and crazy and boils down to the fact that they can't test blood for Mad Cow disease so you and I, and the rest of the fam, can't donate. Oh well, I'd rather keep my blood inside anyhow! Funny thing is, I can donate bone marrow. That I do not get!



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