Saturday, June 6, 2009

Walking by the Lake and Stealing Tulips

Michele and I went for a walk by Lake Ontario this afternoon. It was so beautiful! I am so grateful that we've gotten to spend so much time together after being apart for so many months. It's been a real blessing, but I know we are both excited about her getting back out on the road with her new driving partner, Dana. We're both wondering how different driving without a trainer will be. What an adventure!

Anyway, back to our walk by the lake. At one point we were in fear for our lives. We were standing on the rocks by the shore gazing out on the beauty and we see a lovely swan. Then we see another swan, and another, and then several ducks. Suddenly, they all start swimming toward us, getting closer and closer, nearly surrounding us. And as they approached, the looks in their eyes turned more and more menacing. I said the Michele, "Oh my, those birds are about to attack us!" She calmly said, "Hmmm, maybe. Let's just walk away." As easy as that, we thwarted their attempts to have us for dinner. I'm so glad Michele was there - always the voice of reason.

In a seemingly unrelated note, several weeks ago, I mentioned another walk I took with a different lady: my walk through the lilacs with my mom. I also mentioned that my mom attempted to steal tulips while we were at the park and that I had posted the picture that proved my claim. Well, Mum commented to me the other day that I neglected to post the proof; therefore, I must be lying about the tulip thieving. So, I am rectifying the situation and have posted the evidence.

See me, in the image to the left, looking sweet and innocent, simply admiring the beautiful tulips. And see my lovely mother, in the image below, also looking sweet and innocent so that no one notices the tulip she is about to pick with her right hand. What more proof is needed, I ask you?

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