Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Attacked by Little Bunny Foo Foo

Michele and I (or I alone when she is away) walk the yard every morning and evening to look over the plants and admire the garden. Yesterday morning, we both commented that the lettuce was getting really big and looked great. I wondered aloud whether I could eat it yet, but Michele said it wasn't ready. Well, yesterday evening, we walked along the vegetable bed and someone obviously thought the lettuce was ready - it had all been eaten down to the ground!! Bunny Foo Foo strikes again! The funny thing is I wasn't upset at all. I really thought I would be, but I'm beginning to relax about the garden, I think. Of course, if that little bunny even thinks about touching my carrots it will be an entirely different story!!

On an unrelated note, I finally let Michele out of the basement dungeon where I had her locked away and she has blogged. It's a red letter day that I will note on my calendar!


  1. Little Bunny Foo Foo
    made a little boo-boo;
    ate up all the lettuce,
    stuff that would've fed us.
    Don't you touch my carrots!
    Go play with the ferrets.
    'Else you're gonna "get it,"
    You sneaky little rabbit!

    ~ An original poem by Donna - I take requests; please, no autographs though... LOL

  2. Donna! You've got real talent!! I love the poem and this I will post a copy on my wall at work! Thanks!!



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