Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Garden Fairy

The Garden Fairy paid me a visit this weekend. I felt there was something wrong with my tomatoes and was in need of additional gardening guidance. It came in the form of my stepmom, Gloria. We had a great time staking up the tomatoes, which were all laying on the ground, and propping up the beans, which were likewise afflicted. We also put in two more hot peppers - Kung Pao and habanero - so beware all who may be invited to dinner later in the summer. I will be well armed with spices! We also decided to give cucumbers and squash another try. Only one zucchini plant germinated from the original zucchini and cucumber seeds we planted in May. So, we put out some more cucumber seeds and planted a yellow squash plant. I have great hopes for both. We also added to my watermelon crop with a sugar baby plant. I hope to have a really lovely harvest! Now, in the front yard, we did some additional transformation. We created a lily garden with the addition of a stella d'oro amongst the soon-to-bloom day lilies. We also added some pretty red and white flowers to fill out the rose bed. I can't remember their names, but I want to call them peonies, though I know that's not right. It starts with a p, though, at least I think it does. To cap off the weekend, Gloria revealed the true identity of those two small trees that were masquerading as lilacs: they are Rose of Sharon. I'll need to post pictures of the garden progress later in the week. It's been raining most of today, so I haven't been able to take any. Since I have been having such a hard time balancing my new love of gardening with my familiar passion for quilting and crafting, the rain was a welcome invitation to stay inside and create beauty out of fabric instead of plants and soil.


  1. Poppies?

    Rose of Sharon is a really pretty plant too!

    Do you plant pepper plants or start from seeds? I want to find some poblano plants to pop in there.

  2. no. Neither pansies nor poppies. Hmmm. I'll remember. Knowing me, it actually starts with a g or a c, but I am almost sure they start with a p! Ooo, Sara, poblano peppers would be nice! We planted plants for all the peppers this year.

  3. Update on the mysterious 'p' flower: they are petunias! I knew they started with a 'p!'



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