Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Begging for Star Trek

When Michele's original hometime was planned, I fortified myself for her 3-4 days home by watching copious amounts of Star Trek before she arrived because I knew that it would be unlikely that I would get opportunities to watch during those 3-4 days. Well, as you know, Michele has been home much longer than expected and, while it's a treat to spend time with her, after a few days I was going through serious Star Trek withdrawal (although we saw the movie together and throughout my birthday weekend, we watched several DVDs - hey it was MY birthday, right?). So, I devised a devilishly good plan to get to watch Star Trek and not feel like I am forcing Michele to watch it with me: We have a bowl of ice cream every evening. When it comes time to enjoy that treat, Michele always comes to me and says "It's time for ice cream." To which I reply, "Great. Too bad we don't have a TV show to watch with it. That would be really fun!" And every evening Michele replies, "Don't you have a Star Trek we could watch?" And I say, "Oh, ok, if you want, I don't mind watching another Star Trek." So, she's not quite begging for it, and clearly the ice cream is the motivation, but we both end up happy and that's the whole point, right?

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I have a Treky on my hands too, my husband and the kids have been watching the last three movies. I know what you mean that its the time you spend not how you spend it that counts the most.
    Love your quilts and decor.
    Thanks for visiting my site :) Best wishes to you



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