Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Four Minute Showers and Why Michele Will Not Blog

Last night, Michele and I went to a class on going green. Before I tell you about it, I should mention that Michele is still home. I started thinking on my way to work this morning that by now you all probably beleive that she really is home and that I am not just imagining her presence. Unfortunately, you are all probably thinking that I have disabled or debilitated her somehow so that she is unable to blog. Perhaps I not giving her access to electricity or am forcing her to work around the house while I am at work so that she is too busy or too tired to get out her laptop and pen a few words. Well, your guess is as good as mine!

OK, back to our going green class. It was great fun! We learned so many really good and simple tips that will both help the environment and save us money. Some we had been doing for a while already: using cloth napkins, using CFLs and other flourescent lightbulbs, turning down the thermostat, and other things like that. One of the suggestions was to take four minute showers. I've known for a while that my showers were too long - I daydream and lose track of time in there - but four minutes! Now that's hardly any time at all. Well, this morning I decided to try it. I asked Michele - who is home, by the way - to time me and guess what: I ended up taking only three minutes!! I wasn't even really rushing. I just didn't take my sweet time at it, either. It's just one more simple thing I can do to help the earth and lower my water bill - especially since I am now watering a garden - which leads me to my desire for a rain barrel, but I'll save that for another post.

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