Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Time

Michele is home for her first "home time." We've been having so much fun. We saw all the movies that we planned to see, except Star Trek: Terminator (very good), Angels & Demons (Michele liked it, I thought it was too scary, but well done), Night at the Museum (very good indeed), and X-Men (so very excellent!! Really, really good!!) Now, don't start feeling bad for me because we didn't get to see Star Trek - Michele will be here another day, so we will be going to see it tonight!

Since this was the first time she was home in 4 months and it was my birthday, we mostly spent the weekend having fun, but Michele gave me the best birthday present ever: her time working with me in the vegetable garden! W extended the bed by 18 feet, so now it's a total of 36 feet of yummy veggies!! We have 4 varieties of tomatoes: Best Boys, Roma, Cherry, and Juliets; cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, beans, green peppers, carrots (of course), cayenne pepper (my favorite seasoning!), beets, and watermelon!! We're so excited to see what produces!! It really was the best birthday ever. We're not sure when she'll be leaving - some time between tomorrow and Friday - but I'm sure the rest of this home time will be just as fun!

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  1. Heyyy - happy birthday! Mine's next week :) Maaannn that's a lotta birthdays. I have some traveling coming up (play and then work) but let's go see a movie soon.



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