Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ripping up the Floor

I find that being home alone, I can get into some trouble. I don't have Michele here to curb my "enthusiam" for home improvement projects. That being said, I decided yesterday to rip up the linoleum on my upstairs bathroom floor. I was sure that I would find beautiful hardwood under there, just as there is in the rest of the house. Not being too much of an idiot, I decided to tear up a corner in the closet first to check and see. Well, I couldn't get a corner up in the closet, so, impatient, I decided rip up a section in front of the bathroom door. Well, I was right - hardwood floor underneath. So, tonight after choir practice, I decided to finish the job. I have the floor ripped up all the way into that stubborn closet. You know what I found? Hardwood floors, yes. Beautiful, no!! The whole time I was scrapping up the linoleum and underlayment I was saying to myself "It's ok, it's nothing a little soap and water won't cure." That was until I got to the middle of the floor and saw the 2 foot by 4 foot section of floor that must have removed to access the pipes underneath. Unfortunately, the hardwood wasn't replaced with the nice 2 inch planks to match the rest of the floor. No! They layed 2x4s!! Well, at least I have some time to get it looking decent before Michele comes home. Think she'd notice a new rag rug covering the floor?

1 comment:

  1. you must be my daughter. don't worry about the consequences; just 'full speed ahead'. no matter what it looks like, you can always fix it. you might even find the same linoleum somewhere and michele will never know the difference. it'll beour little secret.



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