Saturday, February 21, 2009

Goodbye, Dear Friends

Today I received the last DVD in the Star Trek TNG series - the very last two episodes. Just before Michele left, I found someone's dissertation online chronicalling all the Star Trek series' episodes in the order they happened in "real life." Since then, I have been watching TNG and DS9 together in "real life" order. I figured that once I'd finished Voyager, I would go back and watch Enterprise and the Original in the correct order, too. Well, tonight I watched the final TNG episodes. To make it special, I made a very beautiful meal, cracked open some fancy soda Michele stocked in my craft room fridge, and dug out some of my favorite "special occasion" chocolates. I said goodbye, for now, to some dear friends, but I swear the moisture in my eyes was totally due to the dilation drops the eye doctor used earlier! Though my TNG family will only return to me in movies, I still have my DS9 pals to lean on. Plus, Voyager will come into play soon. I love Captain Janeway (I met her, you know, in real, real life.)

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