Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let There Be Light

Many who know me may not know that I am afraid of the dark. With Michele here, the fear isn't gone, it's just shut away because she's not afraid, so I know that she will take care of me and go into the dark places for me. Well, this is day one of Michele away from home, so I decided to be very proactive. Before she left, we put night lights up all around the house. Today, I installed a new front door light. It can either come on automatically from dusk til dawn or it can come on if there is any motion from dusk til dawn. I haven't decided which I will do, yet. Right now it is motion.
I also bought a new lamp for the dining room and put it on a timer. Now I have a lighted path from the upstairs to the downstairs bathroom. I guess I can't wait til its light enough to go downstairs and use that as an excuse to be late for work. I think that's a pretty good start to banishing the darkness that I find so frightening. It also kept me pretty busy so I didn't miss Chele too much.

1 comment:

  1. Aww - what great ideas on setting up what you need though. Hang in there. How exciting for Michele though I know it has to have some bittersweet parts.

    And I have to ask - the numbers after your urls - are those your birthdays? B/c if so, Michele and I have the same one :)

    You could also install "christmas tree" lights along the ceiling in the hallway or down the banister or something :)



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