Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lights Out

Before Michele left we bought five push-on battery operated lights to illuminate the dark corner of the basement where the litter boxes are. Well, tonight when I took my weekly sojourn down to clean the litter boxes - trash day tomorrow! - none of the lights worked. I immediately thought of last week when my father told me that I shouldn't blog about being afraid of the dark because someone might find my blog, see my picture and how cute I am - thanks, Daddy! - and want to come get me. They would then read my posts and discover that I am afraid of the dark, come to my house, and cut my power! Soooo, that was my first thought when the basement lights weren't working!! It is possible that I have a deranged fan who would know, because I complain about it weekly, that today is the day I gather the trash and clean the litter boxes, and may have crafted this elaborate plan to catch me, arms laden with a bag of dirty litter, in a dark basement. It is probably a bit more likely, however, that I forgot to turn the lights off last Thursday and the batteries all died! Yet, you will all be proud to know that I did not let a little darkness stop me - I cleaned out the boxes in the creepy basement in very near darkness, that is except for the four ceiling lights that, of course, were working. I think it was still pretty heroic of me!

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