Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hard Labor

Hard work really does wonders for the soul. I came home today armed with yet another to do list. Tomorrow is trash day and, before Michele left, that meant very little to me. She's always seen to the trash and the recycling. In fact, since she was laid off, she's seen to all the house chores. So, today, I thought I was ready to tackle the tasks associated with trash day. Boy howdy!! That was hard work. I groomed the cats - got nearly another cat outta all that hair! I cleaned the litter boxes - I had no idea how heavy a bag of dirty litter would be! I collected the trash from around the house - why do we need so many trash cans!! I collected the recycling - oy vey, it seemed like the cardboard boxes had mated and multiplied over night! And then I had to drag it all to the curb - through the snow, in the cold. I know I sound like a princess, but it just made me really appreciate all Michele's hard work in our home and it kept me focused and busy. It also pretty much guarantees that I will sleep well tonight. Do you know how heavy a 40-lb bag of cat litter is!?! Well, 40 pounds, but you know what I mean!

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