Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dark Roads

Over the past two evenings I have had lovely visits with very good friends. The only problem is, as you all now know, I am afraid of the dark and these two wonderful women happen to live in wonderful places that can only be accessed by travel down long, dark, dark, very, very dark roads. On my way home last night and tonight I couldn't help but think that I am truly meant for the city. It is just way too dark out there. It was so frightening to look out to the sides of the road to the dark shadowy outlines of woods and forests, and I, in my car, obsessively snick, snick, snicking the power door locks to make sure that whatever is in those dark, dark trees cannot get in with me! I swear I didn't stop my obsessive snicking and hyperventilating until I saw the street lights, head lights, and police lights that announced the city. Me and my 50,000 night lights, motion sensor dusk til dawn lights, and timer set lamps fit right in. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends and love visiting them in their spaces. I just may have to tell them that I cannot visit after 6 - at least until summer!

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