Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unfit for Lucubration

Tonight I am tired and not up to the lucubration of writing anything truly clever, so I thought I'd just show you what I've been working on. This is my favorite of a set of four Halloween cards I just finished. Isn't he scarily adorable??!! OK, I'm off to bed now - actually, I'm off to read in bed and eat a bowl of ice cream (remember, it's doctor prescribed, sort of. See here for clarification: Health Screenings.)

By the way, Michele has been delayed on the road and will likely not be home until tomorrow night or Thursday. I think that means she will be home for a week and a half - yippee - but it may mean she'll only be home a couple days and will still start her new job on Monday - yippee on the new job, bummer on the short time!


  1. when i saw the title of this post i totally thought it was "unfit for lubrication" and i couldn't figure out what it could be about *smile* i need to get my mind out of the gutter *smile*

  2. The funny thing is, when I first saw the word, that's what I thought it was, too! And I wondered why "lubrication" would be the WOTD!



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