Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheerful Ironing

This may seem odd, but I love, love, love ironing fabric - it's one of the many sacrosanct joys in my life (right up there with Star Trek!!). I'm not very keen on ironing clothes or anything else, though. So, yesterday, after that excellent movie and my heartfelt blogging, I decided that the most appropriate capstone to the lovely evening would be to finish my ironing. I've been slowly, but surely, working my way through that large suitcase of fabric that Kym, my sister, sent me home with from Pittsburgh. I love to bring new fabric into my room and dream over it while ironing, folding, and color-coordinated sorting. I keep my journal nearby and jot down all my ideas and then pin little notes to the fabric to remind me. Oh, what fun!!

On a fabric-related note, sort of, I entered Lily Garden, Year One into that contest I mentioned. Voting starts at the end of the month, but I'll remind you. There are so many lovely entries already submitted, so it's bound to be a great competition. It's my first, so I'd love to win, but mostly I'm just really excited that I had the courage to enter!


  1. Good for you entering your Nature Quilt.
    Is cheerful ironing an oxymoron???

  2. The only cheerful ironing is fabric ironing! The only good laundry is fabric that needs to be pre-washed. Sames goes for mending. Mending is NOT sewing unless it requires a cute patch which never happens with boys at least once they are past the age of 5. I could cut fabric and sew the pieces back together all day but that mending pile is just plain boring!

    Congrats on entering the Nature Quilt contest. I'm looking forward to voting. Take Care.

  3. i'm glad all my fabric is making you happy. i hope to see it making other people happy soon, too *smile* but i know you'll put it to good use *smile*

  4. Boy, Teresa, do you have the right of it!! I'll sew buttons on totes and quilts, but wait til Michele asks me to sew a button on her pants! Oh, how I hate sewing buttons!! LOL!!



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