Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well, it has now been confirmed that I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. All my fancy maneuvering to make my blog into a three-column affair broke two things: my ability to edit posts and your ability to comment! (Thank you so much, Teresa, for letting me know the comment function was broken. I was beginning to feel unloved with 0 comments by mid-afternoon!!) Well, I've gotten a little more knowledge and fixed both issues (though the comment function still has the same glitch it's had: you have to click submit twice to get your comment to go through and now my note to that affect has disappeared - thankfully the submit thing is a Blogger problem, not one of my creation!)

It seems that today is the day to gently poke fun at my misuse of the knowledge I so passionately glean from the web. Today's word of the day fits me perfectly: malapropism. It describes the torture through which I usually put these poor words of the day by trying to use them in a sentence. Well, I will persevere. My malapropisms will be on display for you daily as promised!


  1. Hi! I tried to send you a comment the other day, but was not able to!! Can you tell me how I can get this tree-column thing?? And do you want me to send you a pattern of the knitted jacket?? If you want, send me your address. Anne:-)

  2. i'm glad i can comment again! i really like your new layout, but can you fix the right margin? i know it's probably just me, but it kinda almost touches the right column, and it bothers me *smile*

    but i like the clean lines of it. and i think daddy will too. his comment on my blog is that there's too much color. oh well *smile*

  3. I am sure there is a way, Kym, but everytime I tried I broke something else, so I figured I could live with it. LOL!!



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