Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mysterious Burns

The strangest thing happened earlier in the week: I discovered a small burn on my hand. Now that, in and of itself is not really very strange. The thing is that I don't remembered getting burned. Now, even stranger than that, this morning, upon waking, I found two more small burns on the same hand! Very strange. I have the oddest feeling that some noisome villain, perhaps a mischievous squirrel or bunny, sneaks into my bedroom at night and burns me with some miniature cigarettes. OK, OK, I know it's a lot more likely that I burnt myself on the stove or iron a few days ago without noticing and it just took some time to color up. But, admit it, the image of a villainous smoking squirrel is a lot more interesting, right?


  1. it's probably all the ironing you've been doing. i knew it couldn't possibly be good for you *smile*

  2. Oh Michelle, I hope you are not a sleep-smoker.
    Maybe toasting marshmallows in your dreams.

  3. I do like that idea. A secret squirrel wearing a trench coat, hat, a small smoking cigarette edging up to you while you sleep. Love your imagination :)



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