Monday, September 14, 2009

Puzzles and Shameless Plugs

I ran across this blog post by a crafter who 1. makes really neat ornaments and 2. has a really neat project going on. She's making ornaments out of puzzle pieces that she sells to support the Autism Solution Center. The REALLY neat thing is that if you send her pieces of old puzzles that are missing pieces or whatever, she'll use them to make the ornaments, donate the ornament profits to the organization, donate the amount you paid in shipping to send her the pieces, AND send you an ornament as thanks!! How cool is that??!! Check out her post here:

In a slightly related note: Not to do a shameless plug, but my sister wrote a really nice post about two custom projects I created for her and her family. Check it out here:

And, last but not least, a word of caution. As the holidays approach, I implore all of you to temper your drinking and carousing and avoid becoming crapulous. It's all fun and games until you get all crapulous all over your mother-in-law's new Christmas tree skirt! (OK, obviously I had no idea how to work today's word of the day into the actual post, so I fabricated a reason to say "crapulous." Hey, what's a girl to do when the WOTD is totally unusable in her daily speech??)


  1. Oh, I'm thinking the "excess eating" version of the definition of crapulous is easy to work in - though not in reference to eating of your veggies. That's not at all what I would think that word would mean - it sounds way more like "crap-tastic" or some such thing!

  2. i'm glad you liked my post. *smile* and i'm also glad that chris liked duchess. he's thinking about hanging it at school in his classroom instead of here at home *smile*. we'll see what happens.

    did michele get home yet? *smile*

  3. What a wonderful idea for re-cylcing ad helping a charity at the same time.

    Just love the wall hanging of "Duchess"

  4. WOW again! The Duchess quilt and the Family That Sings quilt are just amazing. Such detail! How long have you been doing this?



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