Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football Excitement

We played ball tonight! I still have no clue why I play - I fall as often as I stay on my feet! - but tonight was extra special for two reasons:
1. Michele got to play with us. She was on the opposing team and they won, but it was still great fun to have her with us.
2. I got the most amazing touchdown!! Now, you know these are rare for me, so this was extra, extra special. I was the quarterback and I was supposed to be throwing it to someone, but Chad, who is about 7 feet tall was about to rush me and no one was open, so I ran it!! I caromed off Tim - he's fast like quicksilver - scooted around Chad, Sarah, and Michele and made it to the endzone with flags intact!! I am always so very surprised every time I stay on my feet with the ball in my hands.

I really earned the veggie hotdog and pie I ate afterwards. I have also earned the extreme pain I will be in tomorrow. Oh, indeed, tomorrow I will be reminded that I am not 15 anymore, but tonight I am just basking in the glory!!


  1. That's awesome!!!

    any chance you both want to go see J&J Sunday eve?

  2. I'm game for that, but Michele leaves tomorrow. A movie on sunday will be a nice pick-me-up for me, though. I'll email you to make plans.



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