Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Battle of the Nature-Themed Quilts

Hello all! I have just completed the quilt for my swap partner. I will be sending it off to her on Tuesday when the post office opens again. The site that hosted the swap, Quilting Gallery, is also hosting a contest for the best nature-themed quilt. I would like to enter, but I can't decide which quilt to enter, so I thought I'd ask for your help.

The first contestant is the quilt I made for the swap. It's titled Lily Garden, Year One and commemorates my first year as a gardener and features three lilies, similar to the ones in my little lily bed, and 42 individually cut and appliqued blades of grass (yes, that's correct, 42 - not 41, not 43, but 42).

The second contestant is the quilt I made for Michele for our anniversary. It is titled Dragonfly Dance and features a dragonfly centerpiece and lots of little bugs and flowers, each on its own pieced background.
I, of course, love both and would love to enter both, but can only enter one. Michele's already voted for her quilt, but she might be just a bit biased. What do you think?

On a related note, once I enter one of these lovelies and voting starts, I'll let you know. The prizes wouldn't satisfy a voluptuary, but I think they are pretty great and I would love to win one of them. But, first, of course, I need your help to decide which one to enter!


  1. i like them both. but i think i like the lilies better for the contest. you do such beautiful work!

  2. Tough choice...They both portray the nature theme well. I personally like Lily Garden, Year One. I think it's the color contrast and simplicity of design. I love the echo quilting as well. That would be my choice but as I said, it's pretty much a toss up as they are both gorgeous. Your swap partner and Michele are very lucky people.

  3. Hi Michelle, my vote goes to the Dragonfly. Good Luck

  4. Hi!! I vote for the Dragonfly!! It`s lovely!! The Lily quilt is very nice too....AnneK

  5. I wish you could enter them both, but I am going for the the Lily quilt. Sorry Michele.

  6. Michelle,

    My vote is for the Lily Garden quilt. I like flowers, not a gardener but I like flowers.



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