Monday, September 28, 2009

And the Winner is. . .

# 80 - Audrey. How exciting!! Audrey, congratulations!! I am very excited to send you this lovely quilt. I hope it brightens up you home! Please go to my profile, find my email address, and email me your mailing address so I can get this quilt to its new home.

Although I am excited for Audrey, I'm sad that I couldn't make you all winners! I wish that I could do what I did with the PIF contest and let everybody win! Bu don't worry, I really like giving things away and plan to have contests regularly.

Speaking of contests, I'm sure you all remember helping me decide which quilt to enter in the Nature's Best Quilt contest. Well, voting has started. I'd love to win, so if you will all got to this site, take a look at the contestants in the small quilts section, and vote for Lily Garden: Year One, if you think it's the best. Thanks!!


  1. i'm really bummed that i didn't win, but you do owe me a pif, and a tote bag.

    and i voted. and posted it to twitter and facebook, so hopefully the word will spread and you'll be the winner! i didn't even look at the other entrants, though. *smile*

  2. You are a good sister! :-) I know, I was bummed that you didn't win - and that Teresa didn't win, and Sue, and Donna, and . . . I want to have regular giveaways, but it's heartbreaking when only 1 can win!!

    Thanks for voting for me!!



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