Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Health Screenings

Well, I just did a bunch of health screenings here at work. They checked BP, cholesterol, blood sugar, and weight/BMI. All were excellent except my LDL - the bad cholesterol. According to the nurse it is too low - yes, that's right, too low - which supposedly can increase anxiety and depression. Well, I am rather anxious about this - ha! - and since I'm not taking anything to lower it, the fault is in my diet - again, according to the nurse, it's too healthy. She suggests that I eat more bad food - ha ha. Her main suggestion is that I consume more ice cream. Well, who am I to argue with a health professional. I am going to force myself to eat at least a bowl a night. It's for my health, right?


  1. I recommend Cold Stone Creamery.

    LOL! It's Donna J. I had these blogs on my to-do list for freaking EVER and I'm finally taking a second to do it. (I sowwy!!)

    Ok back to the diet thing. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? lol... I say that as a person obsessed with eating anything that is bad for me. It just seems like veggies are the work of the devil... kidding, I actually like most of them. But I do highly recommend Cold Stone. There's one in Pittsford Plaza and another across from Eastview Mall. I think there might be one in Webster as well. Hugs to ya! ~ DJ

  2. i agree that cold stone is freakin' awesome. and there's always coupons in the sunday paper *smile*

    only you would be "required" to eat ice cream to be healthy *smile*. we should all be so lucky *smile*



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