Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gardening Lessons

Gardening is really good for me. It is teaching me patience, which is quite a feat because I am the least patient person I know! We planted many seeds in my vegetable bed and everything within me wants to know what is going on under the soil. I have been so tempted to dig something up just to see if anything is happening, but I have resisted the urge - see, I am already an expert at patience. I think gardening is also supposed to teach me something about letting go and letting God and nature work. That's happening, too. See, my first inclination is to put a screened cage around my vegetable bed to keep the bugs and animals out - it would still let the sun and water in, though! - but, again, I am resisting that temptation. I am believing that all will be well!

I should be in a children's book: See Michelle garden. See Michelle grow and change and be good. The adult version would be: See Michelle garden and attempt to overcome all her neuroses and accept that the growth of plants and presence of bugs and bunnies is entirely out of her control.

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