Thursday, May 14, 2009


My mom is visiting and we are having great fun! She visits every year around this time to go to the Lilac Festival. We stopped by yesterday for a quick walk through to see the blooms and sniff around. The lilacs were lovely! None of the crafts were out, though, so that was a bit of a disappointment. Occassionally, we wandered behind the tents to avoid the lunchtime crowds and my mom says we were behind the craft tents, that's why we didn't see any crafts! I think they were all food tents, but I'm often wrong about a lot of things. We'll be going back this weekend, so we will see!

I didn't finish a lot of the projects I thought I would before Mum got here, so instead of showing her around the finished projects, I showed her the rooms the projects will be in and described how it would be when it was done. This worked out perfectly and is actually a technique we used quite often in the past. Once we went to look at an apartment I wanted to move into. It was awful, but I really wanted to live there because my best friend lived upstairs. My mom walked with me room to room and described how they WOULD be once projects were complete. For example, in the dining room she said, "Shelly, after the landlord rips up the dog urine stained olive green shag carpet you'll have beautiful hard wood floors through out!" So, we had the landlord rip up the carpet as a condition of the lease. Unfortunately, he also put down sheets of plywood over the "beautiful hardwood" floors and said "well, you said you wanted hardwood floors. This here wood is hard, isn't it?" Sometimes our imaginations aren't replicated in reality, but she and I have so much fun dreaming!

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