Saturday, May 16, 2009

Adventures with Mum

Mum and I have been having fun the past couple of days. Thursday night we went to a gardening and lawn maintenance class. That was fun and very informative. I learned that I need to check my lawnmower blade for sharpness. The minute he said that, I thought, "Oh boy - that's one more thing Michele and Daddy will warn me NOT to do!" And, of course, during our conversation this morning, Daddy said I don't need to worry about the blade. I was actually pretty excited about trying my hand at finding the blade, getting it off the machine, and sharpening it. Darn! Maybe next year?

Yesterday, Mum and I took a long, long, long walk. Actually, it was about an 8 1/2 hour walk. . . it just happened to be inside two craft stores. We spent 6 1/2 hours walking through every single aisle of the new Hobby Lobby here in the Rochester area. So very fun. We actually had to take a break halfway through and go have lunch, then we came back a soldiered on. There is a Joann store right across the street, so we spent the next two hours there. Our plan was to walk its aisles, too, but they were having problems with the HVAC so it was miserably hot in there. Since we couldn't stand it in there for long, we planned a targeted attack and just hit the main highlights: fabric, beads, yarn, and sewing machines. We had a ball!

Today, we plan on returning to the Lilac festival and I have promised my mom that we will not walk behind any tents this time - though I still believe those were all food tents or empty craft tents. It actually looks like it might rain today, so we may have to make our sojourn to the festival a quick one. We could spend the rest of the day at my favorite Joann's - they don't have any problems with HVAC!

In the evenings, my mother has been forcing me to watch copious amounts of Star Trek. She insists that we spend hours watching episode after episode. Last night, I actually begged her to let me go to bed - I couldn't keep my eyes open - but she just told me to put on another episode! Eventually, I had to go to bed and left her watching what I think was the 6th episode of the night! I think I am out of Star Trek DVDs, so I may get to bed at a reasonable time tonight!

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