Thursday, May 7, 2009

Football Season

Football season started tonight. No, not college ball. Not the NFL, either. It's flag football season for me and my coworkers. A ragtag group of us get together and play what I think of as high contact flag football every Thursday, spring through fall, plus a couple of snow ball days in the winter. Surprisingly, I'm not half bad. I'm not half good either, but it's all relative. I get tackled almost every game. The thing is, there is usually no one near me when this tackling happens. Just one minute I'm up and running and the next I'm on the ground. But it's good exercise and a lot of fun. We take all of our aggression, frustration, irritation, and anger onto the gridiron to spare our other coworkers injury - which means in the winter time when we don't play there is danger afoot in the office. Tonight's game was a slaughter with my team winning 3 7/8 to 1 (we claimed the 7/8 because we really made a touchdown, but the other team insisted they "tackled" my teammate on the line - it's all good). I did happen to make a touchdown this game - not my first, though it was my first game with no injuries, so I think that counts as two touchdowns, don't you?

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