Monday, May 18, 2009

Visit Finale

My mom's visit ended with a trip to the Lilac festival during which Mum started picking tulips - I've posted the picture to prove it. So naughty! After the festival, we decided that we hadn't spent enough time in craft stores this visit, so we went to my favorite Joann's and walked the aisles. Then we decided to go to AC Moore and Michaels and do the same. By the time we finished AC Moore we were so tired and it was after 7 pm that we decided to forego Michaels. We had a great visit, but I am so sore from all the walking - I feel like someone took a baseball bat to the bottom of my feet and lower back! But, you know what? We'll probably do it all again next time. We just need to string together a few more full days to get in visits to all the stores.

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