Friday, May 22, 2009

My Little Baby Bean Stalk

My garden is growing wonderfully! With all this new growth came one slight moral dilemma. About a week after we put in the vegetable bed, I saw my first sprout. I was so very excited. I went out every morning and evening after work and talked to the sprout. I called the sprout My Little Baby Beanstalk, because it was growing where we planted the beans. I encouraged Baby to invite her brother and sister beanstalks and all her veggie cousins to join her in my garden. I prayed for her to grow strong and produce lots of beans (sort of like "Live long and prosper.") Well, over the past couple of weeks, several baby bean stalks started to grow. They looked lovely, but their appearance soon made it clear that my Baby Beanstalk was not a beanstalk at all - she looked nothing like them! What a dilemma, right? I mean, I've talked to this plant for weeks, loved it, named it, prayed for it, and now I'm required to kill it? Oh boy! I just couldn't do it, but I knew the the real beanstalks would need the space, water, and light (my Baby was growing really fast and was quite large at this point, likely due to all the love, water, and plant food I'd been giving it!). I just couldn't bring myself to kill her, though, so I very gently dug her out of the veggie bed and transplanted her further down in the yard. I still visit her every morning and evening and call her My Little Baby Beanstalk. I mean really, she was the first thing to grow in the garden and she gave me hope for weeks when nothing else was coming up. What was I supposed to do?

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