Monday, August 31, 2009

Zucchini and Homecoming

When Gloria came at the beginning of May we planted a billion zucchini and cucumber seeds, but nothing grew until around July and then it was just one lone zucchini. It grew really big and strong and kept flowering and flowering and never bore fruit. Well, when I got home from my sister's, Rita, who was watching my garden, pointed out that I had zucchini! I swear it waited to grow until Michele was about to come home!! And, as proof, here's a pic of Michele on the couch I made holding a slightly misshapen, but hopefully delicious, zucchini from our garden! Her diktat is that I make zucchini bread for her to take when she goes back out on the road.

Speaking of Michele: she's home (see proof above)!! I went to a truck stop close to my work and picked her up. I got to meet Tom, her driving partner. He's so very nice and proper and Southern. He ma'amed me every other word. "Yes, ma'am, it has sure been a treat haulin' with Michele, yes ma'am, it has." Since I was picking Michele up right after work and we were both hungry we had a very simple dinner, though it was all based on veggies from the garden. I made her roasted green, purple, and white garden beans and Italian quesadillas (tomatoes and basil from the garden with mozarella cheese between two tortillas and then into the quesadilla maker). It's so wonderful to have both zucchinis and Michele home!


  1. whoo hoo - welcome home (and early!) Michele!

  2. Happy Homecoming! Wait...go not on the homecoming. Did you say you MADE the couch? Okay, that's one I missed. I'd love to hear more about that.

    Enjoy the zucchini! Oh and your niece & nephew are adorable! Thanks for sharing.



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