Friday, August 14, 2009

Shop Disappearances & Being Fruitful

Things have been disappearing from The Quilted House. No, it's not aliens or anything otherworldly! People have been buying things from me directly! Though my shop says I have had only one sale, I have sold five additional items in the past two days!! This is incredibly good, but it means that I need to get a bunch of things made so that my shop's shelves don't go bare! So, I will be listing new things with as much celerity as I can get them made!

My life has been fruitful in another way, too. My friend Lynne came for a visit to tour my craft room today - great fun! While she was here, I told her about the problem I had with the squirrels taking my peppers and she suggested I pick them green, since they take them before they have a chance to turn red. So, I now have more peppers that I know what to do with (Lynne also brought me some jalapenos, a white bell pepper, and cucumbers, which was very nice, especially since my garden did not produce any of the three!) I am still hopeful that the Best Boy tomatoes will red up soon, though I have given up hope of them doing it with celerity.

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  1. Hi!! Thank you for visiting my blog!! I know that the translatinn thing dont work so well...I whish I was able to wrigt my blog in english, a lot of Norwegians does, but for me it`s to hard. Unfortently... But you guesed right. I wanted pea-flower but got peas.... Their are yummi!! Are you involved in the summer swap?? Because I wonder how you found me?? I love the orange quilt against the green peppers. Have a nice weekend!! Anne:-)



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