Monday, August 17, 2009

Paying It Forward

I have won two give aways and - lucky you!! - eight of you will get to benefit from this propitious occurance. They are pay it forward giveaways, which means that in addition to winning, I need to make others winners, too. There are a few rules, some of which I have bent a bit to make it work in your favor.

Here's how it works:

  1. You must leave a comment on this post. You can leave as many comments as you would like to raise your odds of winning. I'll take entries until Friday night and will randomly select 8 winners on Saturday morning. (It'd be nice if you told me something about you in your comment: i.e. your favorite color, fruit, veggie, fondest wish, etc.)
  2. Before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st you will receive something fabulous crafted by the artisan of The Quilted House - that's me!!
  3. You in turn will be required to Pay It Forward - now here's where I'm bending a few rules:
    • You can pay it forward any way you like, it doesn't have to be handmade, though that would be nice.
    • You have to pay it forward to 4 people.
    • You can find those 4 people anyway you like (pick them randomly from your address book, host a contest on your blog, host a contest on Facebook, find four people at work, however works best for you.)
    • Your four people must also then Pay It Forward.
  4. If you win, you will need to provide me with your mailing address (unless you live in Rochester, in which case, I'll hand deliver it to you.)

OK, that's the deal. Many thanks to Sue at Charlotte's Cottage and Teresa at Sewing Trials for making me a winner so that I can make eight of you winners!! Oh joy! Remember you only have until Friday, so get your comments in while you can!


  1. whoo hoo! i'm the first to comment. does that increase my chances of winning at all? i love red and yellow and purple. and i love you *smile*. (will that increase my chances? *smile*)

  2. Ohhh, I like this idea :) ..something about me? I really like to craft, and the color purple is the best color ever invented!

    Yay for paying forward!

  3. Hey Michelle,

    Paying it forward HuH??? I was born without the creative gene but I like the idea. Who doosn't like getting a special gift. I was checking out your web site. Do you make hot pads or pot holders with the veggie prints???
    I love orange and yellow, coffee and chocolate

    Love ya
    Cuz Nina

  4. Michelle,

    What a fabulous idea. My favorite color is teal or any kind of blue really. I like all kinds of veggies but am partial to carrots and broccoli. I hope you get lots and lots of comments. Have a great day.



  5. Michelle, count me in for a chance! Something about is by far my favorite color...almost any shade but royal is the best or maybe midnight blue or maybe sea blue or ....well any color blue.

    I love the way you put this PIF together! It's great. Thanks.

  6. Yay! Great idea! I think you know enough about me though. :0)

    Miss you!

  7. Hi Baby! I love your bag. It's great. You know my favorite color(blue, in case you forgot), and I love water and the mountains.

  8. Hey Michelle,

    You are such a good person for doing this and what a creative way to do it. I love your quilting and your imagination with it so I can't say I have something favorite. The blankets you made for Ada I LOVE looking at and will pack away for her when she outgrows them.

    As far as my fondest wish the biggest is to win the current lottery and use a portion of that money to start a scholarship fund for women 35 and older who want to go back to school and have a need.
    My hopefully realistic wish is to live near the ocean again.


  9. what an awesome idea for a Pay it Forward ;)

    I like broccoli, skates, and the colors/flowers in that first waterproof bag you just made for yourself are *stunning*

  10. i forgot to mention that i love orange veggies and peppers. and ice cream (would sorbet count as a fruit/veggie? *smile*)

    we're allowed to enter more than once, right? *smile*

  11. Hi Michelle,
    I found your blog through your Etsy store that Jena shared with us last week. First off, congrats! You are inspiring. I need to get one going myself, as you know.
    Second, this pay it forward idea is so cool, and I do have handmade pins, jewelry, and magnents I can share--how exciting!
    Third, your blog post about your craft room was pretty amazing. I've shown you mine and I don't use it nearly enough, although my dining room table is covered with crafty goodness as we speak.
    Last, my favorite color is black (girl you know it's true) but I also love crimson and burnt orange.
    My favorite food is tough but I'm a sucker for cereal and fruit and candy and popsicles. Oh, and-- (because I just opened a 100 cal pack) CHEETOS!
    I also like to play flag football and split tofu dogs with you. I dream to one day step outside my comfort zone at Dogtown and order something other than the Chicago Bulldog. (start small--ha!)



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