Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life is So Good

Life is indeed most excellent! I just got home from a weekend jaunt to Pennsylvania to see my niece for her second birthday. She has to be THE cutest, smartest, most independent almost 2-year-old ever! (She was sort of named after me, so I know where she gets it!!) She has the sweetest voice and says the most amazing things, like "Daddy, I would like some more toast, please." and "No, I'm being careful. I don't need any help. I'm fine." Just too clever for words!!

I also got to see my nephew, who has to be THE cutest, most energetic, naughtiest, most adorable almost 4-year-old ever! (He was not named after me, but some of his naughtiness seems vaguely familiar!) He loves to ask "Do you have a problem?" To which the answer should be "Yes, can you help me?" He will then say "No, I can't solve it!" And the game will repeat for about five times until, instead of saying he can't help, he'll sing "If someone has a problem, just give them a hand, give them a hand, give them a helping hand!!" and will give you the best hug ever!! I swear my mom and I played this with him half a million times if not more - it was worth it just to get one of his awesome hugs!! So that he wouldn't feel left out of the gift giving, I brought him a truck just like the one his other Aunt Michele drives and played with it with him about a half million times (it shoots matchbox cars out of its back and everytime we raced he "won." He may get that cheating streak from me, but I think it's from his mom - she used to stay up late memorizing the answers on the back of the trivial pursuit cards and I think she slipped herself extra money when we played Monopoly and she, as oldest, was always the banker.)

To top off the visit, I got to spend time with my sister and brother-in-law, and my mom, dad, and step-mom. It was a treat! I went to PA with one very large, very empty suitcase, and came home with one very heavy (48 pounds!!) suitcase filled to the brim with fabric from my sister's stash!! I traded some jewelry supplies that I've had and would likely never use for more lovely fabric than I imagined!!

And to really put the cherry on top of my life: Michele is coming home!! She was supposed to be here next weekend and called yesterday to say that she'll be here this afternoon, but will now be here tomorrow afternoon, which is so very exciting!! If I were any happier I'd be twins!! (OK, #1: that saying has never made any sense to me, but seemed to really fit my mood today. #2: I cannot think of a way to use today's word, interlocutor, in a sentence and decided that it's my prerogative not to try since it's my personal challenge to use each word every day anyhow.) #3: Thank you all for your well wishes. I am feeling much improved. Flying never helps, but besides some stuffy ears, I am well over my cold!)


  1. Wow what a great time you've had with family Michelle. Gotta love those two little cuties too.

  2. Your niece is gorgeous I can't say that about your nephew since I can't see his face, but I'm sure he's just as cute



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