Monday, August 10, 2009

My First Sale - Whoo Hoo!!

Yesterday, I made my first sale from my etsy store! What an amazing end to a roller coaster of a weekend. I had a great day on Friday, but then, that night, I got some very constructive, but negative feedback on my shop, which made me sad. On Saturday, however, some friends invited me to celebrate our friend Jeff's birthday with them. We went to a great place for dinner and then to see 3 Mo' Divas. Oh my, was that wonderful!! They were amazing and really shook me out of my funk! Then, yesterday, some wonderful, wonderful person bought one of the totes I have listed in my shop! It is so very exciting to have sold something! In fact, I'm so excited that I am having trouble breathing!

It is now beyond any peradventure of doubt that something I made with my own two hands will be attractive and purchase-worthy to someone not related to me by blood or marriage - which, of course, does not preclude anyone related by blood or marriage from feeling free to make a purchase, too. (You are not allowed to just wait until Christmas to see if you get that lovely item you have been eying.)

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