Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reaping and Sewing

I have finally reaped the rewards of my tomato patience. I ate my first red tomatoes: one each from the Sweet 100's cherry tomato and the Juliet grape tomato plants. I have to admit that, since I ate them the moment they turned red, and not exactly the moment when they were fully ripe, their flavor was a bit underwhelming. However, compared to store-bought tomatoes at the same stage of not-quite-ripeness, they were quite amazing! It just tickled me to be eating something else from my garden - and to have beaten the squirrels to it!!

I have also gotten a lot done on my sewing projects. Though I cannot show you Kym's project, I am nearly done with the background. During the multiple breaks I've needed to take while working on the background - it is quite complex and labor intensive (I'm really earning my commission!!) - I have completed the background and applique of my swap quilt. Pieced backgrounds behind applique, especially small squares or postage stamps, are my new favorite thing. I also must point out that the grass you see was individually appliqued, blade by blade, 42 blades of grass in all. I wanted to point that so that my mother, with whom I recently had a conversion about why I am unable to keep my house clean, would understand that I HAVE been busy, not just watching Star Trek. Between reaping and sewing, I am definitely keeping myself out of trouble and NOT keeping the kitchen in order.

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