Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fruit Tastings

I tasted four fruits today: persimmon, lychee, Korean pear, and guava. They were all really good, but pretty indiscribable flavors. The pear really bursts with flavor - I think that was my favorite. The lychee came in second, but I had to get past the fact that once peeled, lychee looks like eyeballs with bloody, red irises. They are really tasty, though. Persimmon is a flavor I've never tasted, but I really liked it. Same with guava. I've had guava nectar, so it was not totally unfamiliar. I still have the baby coconut, two types of bananas, two types of mangos, sugar cane, and golden kiwis to try. My stomach is a little gurgly at the moment, though, so I am taking a break.

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